Infertility refers to the inability to have babies. The primary cause of infertility is non-ovulation, a situation that causes women not to produce eggs. Blocked fallopian tubes and fibroids are other causes of infertility in women. Defective semen is the primary cause of infertility in men. Sperms will be defective when absent, abnormal or are there but in limited quantities.

Natural ways of combating infertility

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These herbs are highly effective in relieving problems of infertility in women. You need to make fine powder containing both herbs. Add half a teaspoon of the powder into a glass of boiled water. Take this once a day preferably before going to bed. It will significantly reduce inflammation and pain in the ovaries. It is one way of helping combat infertility.

Safed musli

Safed Musli another natural herb that helps with infertility. Mix a couple of spoons of powder made from this substance with spoons of natural sugar. Take half a spoon of the mixture with water like one hour before having your breakfast. This concoction helps with strengthening muscles of the penis. It is good for weak and watery semen. It also strengthens damaged sperms.

Saffron powder

Flu-like or oily ovaries typically cannot hold sperms long enough. To curb this condition, mix saffron powder and rose water. Take the mixture two times a day. It will naturally and more efficiently solve this situation.

Banyan tree milk

Men older than thirty-five years usually have damaged sperm compared to younger men. It is a condition that can be solved using banyan tree milk. Take a spoon of this milk twice a day, before going to bed and when you wake up. It has a healing effect on damaged sperms and solves the condition of watery semen.

Chestnut powder

Mix ten grams of chestnut powder in with water and take daily before sleeping. This powder help moderates high-level sperms hence solving infertility problems.

Pine tree bark

Pine tree bark contains antioxidants which are very useful in fighting and treating sperms that are damaged. The poiuytrelkjhgfdmnbvcantioxidants also improve the quality of the sperms produced. Use dried bark of pine tree to make powder. Take five grams of the powder in a glass of milk daily before sleeping.

Infertility is a nightmare that most couples are not free to talk about even with their doctors. Since it is hard to reach out on this issue, you can involve these natural remedies to see a significant change.